Tip About Airline Flights

On my recent trip from Amsterdam to Boston to Iowa to Amsterdam, I needed to move my last set of flights forward a day because of an important meeting. I called up American Airlines, and because my Boston to Iowa trip had been delayed, AA didn't charge any money to change my flight to Amsterdam.

If you ever need to reschedule flights, AA will be very accommodating if you've had previous delays. This is probably true for other airlines. I hope someone finds this tip as useful as I did.


Grocery Stores in Iowa

How can any store carry hummus but not pita bread! They even had the extra garlic type of hummus.

Well, I guess that is Iowa for you. Sigh.


A Little Bit of Dancing

Congratulations to my big sister, who was married this weekend! There were some other photos that were shown at the wedding, but this one was my favorite; I think it sums up a lot of the past.


California Iowa Here I Come

I'm on vacation for the next two weeks - woohoo! Looking forward to seeing you all.


Sorry about Anonymous Commenting Being Turned Off

A loyal reader has informed me that anonymous commenting was turned off. My apologies, I've switched it back on.