LISP at work!?!?!

I get to use LISP at work! A standard CAD program, Cadence's icfb, uses a SKILL-based API. SKILL has a LISP-like syntax. I need to automate creation of a large number of cells, and the SKILL API is the easiest way to do that. This is going to be awesome!



Stay classy, Adobe.


Science disappoints

Nothing makes me distrust a journal as much as ignorance of the state-of-art.

From a 2008 article in Nature Photonics!:
To date it has been thought that APDs are unable to measure the number of photons in a pulse of radiation or a short time interval.
And yet, from an article published four years earlier about APDs, we see:
A technique has been developed and tested that permits estimation of the photon number involved in a detection process.
Wow. Just wow. I would have thought the reviewing process for Nature Photonics would be rigorous. I guess you can't believe everything you read.

Open source!

I'm going to be creating an open source library with all of my models - woohoo! Now if only I could decide on which license to use - current contenders are BSD, MIT, GPL and apache. Hmmmm.