ACM Survery of Graphs

ACM has an interesting survey of graph types. I don't like most of them, *especially* graph types like the stacked graphs in 1B that introduce correlations into the visual representation of the data that aren't in the data. The splom in Figure 2C, however, is a very nice representation that I'd never seen before.


Jenn said...

That's a neat website. I may go back to it when I'm trying to revisualize all that data I was talking to you about earlier... thanks

clare said...

Each time I see figures 3b or 3d in the nytimes they are used to show weight or voting data.

There's a facebook app that shows how friends are connected that is 5b, but in the round. Privacy concerns aside, it's pretty spiffy.

alison said...

Oooooh, like.

Last week on the work collaborative-graph whiteboard: a horizontal axis reading "good represented as 2d graph <---> bad as 2d graph" and two big non-intersecting circles labeled "good as venn diagram" and "bad as venn diagram".