When Will They Learn?

You don't put MIT in an online poll. Or even better, you don't run online polls with tech schools as choices.

The latest victim is here. Looks like Drexel and Texas Tech beat the MIT script kiddies to the punch, though - it'll be interesting to see who wins first. Either way, the web-site is running really, *really* slow. Poor call, Victoria's Secret.


alison said...

ec-discuss says you can't vote for mit anymore, whether that be purposeful or brokenness on vs's part.

vs did this freshman year too, or something similar, with similar results -- so they really should know better.

ijenn said...

I did watch the EC thread with some nostalgia for the 'boston's sexiest college co-eds contest'. I do actually remember biking over to Northeastern to run the script from there.

Liz! said...

I'm watching it with major nostalgia...vimal did it so much better!

and it never made a discussion on ec-discuss.